Top 7 Trends of Men’s Fashion Week

Influences of the past styles, varying cultures and the female counterpart, this year saw a variety of exciting trends which will be displayed this coming autumn and winter.



The unapologetic shade that never dates in our opinion. That is why it made a comeback in recent years however this winter designers are making no exceptions and expanding further than just an overcoat. Mix textures and shades if you want a head to toe camel look.

Bright Orange

Contrary to some of the more muted colours this season, if you want to add a pop of colour to your outfit, add orange. Pair it with green or navy! Alternatively, if you want to add some colour to a smarter outfit, wear it under a black sports coat.

Moss Green

Autumn Winter this year is filled with rich and bold colours, moss green included. Adding great depth to an outfit, this will surely make for great layering in any mode of dress, whether it be suited and booted or casual at the weekend. It works great on all skin tones! So whether you want a green suit, or simply a pair of sneakers in a mossy hue, it is this years versatile shade.



Taken from our wiser counterparts, corduroy has always been a popular style post 40. However if you want to make a statement with your tailoring this winter, go for a corduroy suit. You can keep this contemporary by choosing slim fit. Alternatively, if you want to ease this statement material into your wardrobe, stick with only the jacket over some jeans and boots.

Silk Shirts

Following on from a seventies revival in previous season, the silk shirts will be seeing you through next autumn and winter too. While some remain more subtle, such as the regular piped pyjama and shirts, there are some brands going the extra mile with added pattern and low V neck, used to brighten up an everyday suit.

Roll Necks

Roll necks are always a favourite amongst men and women for autumn winter, for a number of reasons. They make for great layering whilst staying classic and timeless. For men, a roll neck works well under a suit with the shirt collar popping out at the top. You can wear them with a pair of jeans and layered under a cardigan and suede boots.


The french accessory everyone should be wearing! Adding a little character and dimension to an outfit is with a hat! But leave those beanies at home! Instead, smarten up your outfit with a little Parisian flair.

Berets work great with smart overcoats and scarves or alternatively with jeans and a leather bomber for a hipster look.



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