LOOKSTYLER is a global ecommerce marketplace platform, which brings together fashion brands and fashion professionals from all over the world in order to help male and female customers find their style and compose their look. LS is the only platform that allows shopping by style first and provides full customization of style and clothing for men and women alike. It is the only platform that brings together all categories of online and mobile fashion professionals who can help customers compose their entire look from head to toe in all countries worldwide.

PERSONALIZED shopping profiles can allow people who used to hate shopping, especially men, to go to one single place to get full customized shopping service, wherever they go, while home or travelling abroad. Assisted shopping offered by LookStyler is changing the way we shop forever.

The aim of the NEW LookStyler fashion platform is to bring high quality, stylish and trendy garments closer to people. Its motto ‘OWN YOUR LOOK’ wants to encourage customers to get to know their style, be proud of it and to take ownership of it as much as they can. The customers can now buy clothing and accessories in a more targeted manner, without losing time and money.

Consumers can also order CUSTOM MADE garments, which can be personalized. They can use a creative POP UP tool to measure themselves. They can also choose the garment’s color and add text on it.

The platform sells its own brand but it is also open to other luxury brands.

LookStyler believes in the concept of AFFORDABLE LUXURY, which brings high quality garments to a larger number of people. Customized garments used to be reserved only for elite. Lookstyler is now looking to change that profoundly.

The platform also brings TWO NEW INNOVATIVE FEATURES called VENDOR CORNER and WISH BOX. In the Vendor Corner, creative designers can add their own garments to the portal. In the Wish Box, customers can post their own ‘wishes’, which are the products they would want to have produced for them. Producers and designers can then react to these demands and fulfill customers’ wishes.

LOOKSTYLER FASHION PLATFORM offers stylish advice for women and men, presenting the garments in a visually pleasing manner. The voguish pieces bear a name and are presented with the usage of creative photography. The website resembles a fashion catalogue, offering stylish advice to women and men who want to be in vogue. Customers can also read the fashion BLOG on the website and thus follow the latest fashion trends. They also have the possibility to CONTACT or BOOK FASHION STYLISTS and other FASHION PROFESSIONALS.

Buying online can now become more comfortable for all customers. They are placed in the heart of all LookStyler’s activities. They also have the possibility to review their favourite products on the website.

The platform offers free delivery across the countries of Benelux, in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The products can also be delivered to all other countries within Europe and worldwide.