The 7 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2019 on Pinterest

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You might still be strategizing your winter wardrobe, but it’s time to set our sights on 2019 and Pinterest has compiled a handy list of emerging search terms that could make for major trends in the new year.

Bamboo Bags
The Cult Gaia effect will continue to show in 2019: According to Pinterest fashion searches for “bamboo bags” are up 2,215 percent—so you can expect to see even more of them on your feeds in the new year.

Statement Sneakers
Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers sent the fashion crowd spiraling, trying to get their hands on a pair of chunky $895 kicks. (“There’s not a dinner I go to where a father or someone [doesn’t] say ‘Stop releasing these shoes, it’s out of control, we spend too much money at Balenciaga,’ which I’m very happy with,” the brand’s CEO Cedric Charbit said at a conference.) More broadly, it, along with brands like Escada and Opening Ceremony, reignited an interest in this particular kind of footwear: Searches for “statement sneakers” are up 2,211 percent, per Pinterest.

Wrapdresses and Robe Coats
Summer’s favorite silhouette, the wrapdress, makes way for fall’s coziest coat, the robe—and in 2019 you can expect to see a lot more of both, as Pinterest reports that searches for “robe silhouettes” are up 689 percent.

Snake Prints
You’ve likely already accepted snakeskin prints into your life as an alternative to classic leopard. Pinterest predicts the trend will have legs in 2019 too, with searches for “snake print” up 642 percent.

Oval Sunglasses
If you’re in the market for new eyewear, consider the top trending silhouette on Pinterest: “oval sunglasses,” a search term that’s increased 591 percent on the platform.

African Prints
According to Pinterest, there’s been an increased interest in African wax prints and kitenges—searches for “African prints” on the site are up 229 percent—so you can look forward to seeing more of them in 2019.

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainability is a constant topic of conversation in the fashion industry—and in 2019 it might have a bigger impact among consumers, if Pinterest data tells us anything: Searches for “sustainable fashion” increased 34 percent.

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