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90’s Hair Accessories Are Back At NYFW 19

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Despite the out pour of accessory originality — pearl hoops and chain-linked micro bags are both having a moment — there’s one add-on that everyone agrees on: the humble hair accessories. From padded headbands and satin ribbons to bobby pins and pearl-studded barrettes.

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The coolest thing about bobby pins is they never go wrong! The key to pulling off this look is wearing as many as possible. Bobby pins have never been so fun, we found it almost everywhere worn all around the hairline. Part your hair deep to one side, ladder three pins together, and slide them in right above your cheekbone.

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Just a couple months ago, Kate Middleton wore a black velvet headband to Westminster Abbey, and an image of Hillary Clinton decked out in pearls with a navy version has been resurfacing on the Internet for months. Evidently headbands are an elegant look, but they’ll also pair just as nicely with a sweatshirt. Plus, wearing one is a great life hack for making any bad hair day not so bad.

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Bows are perhaps the most practical of all hair accessory trends because you can use them to throw your hair up into a ponytail. If you’re feeling adventurous, bows can also double as a choker or can be tied around the neck of a button-down to make a pussy bow.

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Hair barrettes come in all forms now they can look grown-up when styled the right way. Considering wearing multiple sets in your braid or ponytail for an extra-cool look.

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