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During the 19th century, Shanghai has been the fashion center in China.

About those women from different profession led the pattern of fashion in the later Qing Empire in Shanghai.

During the judgment duration of Kuomintang, the costumes of Shanghai paid even more interest in the high quality and appearance of resources.

The drama, Woman Windermere’s Follower, created by Oscar Wilde, a well-renowned playwright for his motto Art for Art’s Benefit, was popular in Shanghai during that time.The fashionable dress in Shanghai changed drastically.

From the angle of aesthetic appeals, the women style is promoting character but the mainstream of the visual appeals during that time is inclined to similarity or similarity with the common attributes of that time.

Owing to the impingement of western society, The Sino-foreign style naturally ends up being the pivot of the craze and also appeal.

Because of the visual resemblance and standardization, they went after the charm or style thoughtlessly as well as crazily, and there was a poet claimed females could embellish her brainless head with clamps.