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To those outsides of Moscow, it might look like Russia’s style scene merely has begun, as well as in some respects, it has.

That is why the Russian Style Council is “Concentrated on choosing the very best designers” for its style week, not necessarily the “Most known brands.” In the long run, “We’re focused on skill” and also aim to “Establish Moscow as a fashion capital. Not shopping resources.” More and more young Russian fashion designers like Andrianova are finding inspiration in traditional sewing methods that have fallen into disuse, seeing them as a way to stand out from the Western brands that poured into the country after the fall of the USSR. “We don’t want to look anymore at what the others are doing in the West,” she said.

Learning about such traditions could be a way for young Russians to explore further back into their country’s past than the relatively familiar Bolshevik revolution, she said.

“I’m creating modern clothes that carry Russian history in them.” In the city of Ivanovo, Russia’s center for textile production, 28-year-old Maxim Krylov wants to help young designers learn about their heritage.

He has founded an annual festival called Textile Capital in the town, 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow, aimed at encouraging designers to use traditional fabrics.

“We want to preserve this heritage to be an inspiration for Russian design, to show the globalized industry that we have our world, a world that’s Russian and local.” In July, some designers worked with fabrics printed with Soviet propaganda designs found in the archives of Ivanovo factories, Krylov said.