Carla Fernandez often inspired by indigenous palettes and textiles, the overall feel is edgy and while the fit can be loose, even enigmatic, there’s a sexy something going on that has nothing to do with exposure or flaunt. A Mexican designer Carla Fernández has come into her own as a fashion force whose geometric cuts and mastery of colour lead to clothes for men and women that are as bold as anything on Manhattan and Tokyo runway yet always come alive with irrepressible Latin verve. Several branded boutiques (including outposts in Roma, downtown, and posh Lomas de Chapultepec), and with a growing presence in some of the city’s smartest specialty shops.
There are some of the best designers in Mexico like Francisco Cancino, many of his contemporaries, interested in ushering in the new era of modern Mexican fashion, and he’s acquired plenty of admirers in the process.
Polanco atelier for his women’s clothing: all sleek lines, ample room to move, and seasonless patterns, and made in Mexico. You must go to Yakampot for his styles and designs.
Next one is Pineda Covalin, the Mexican fashion house. Pineda Covalin has four boutiques in Mexico City, plus one in each of the terminals at the airport. Designs for women, men, and the home– draw inspiration from Mexican imagery and a vivid palette of colours, but have a contemporary touch and upscale feel, thanks to the heavy use of silk and chiffon rather than more traditional textiles; silk scarves and purses make for easy-to-pack souvenirs that your favourite fashionista will be sure to love.



Mexico City is one of the most important cultural and financial centres in the Americas. But there is something you just need to find out if you are one of the travellers who love shopping. The Historic Center of Mexico City is widely known for specialized, often low-cost retailers. Certain streets are dedicated to shops selling a certain type of merchandise, with areas dedicated to over 40 categories such as home appliances, housewares, wedding dresses, types of furniture, books, arts, paintings, jewellery and more. Some of the best shops in Mexico is the 180° Shop this is the international boutique like clothing, shoes, and accessories, designed and made in Mexico are the main inventory in this boutique, which also bills itself as a gallery and taller, or workshop.