DUBLIN - IRELAND - Look Styler DUBLIN - IRELAND - Look Styler

Irish Celtic Craftshop

The Irish Celtic Craftshop is a treasure trove of delights. Stocking Celtic products like jewellery, books, Irish sweaters, glassware, and wall hangings as well as traditional souvenirs with Celtic designs.

Oxfam Books

Oxfambooks stocks thousands of great quality second-hand books and music.

The Square

Here you can find great selection of shops including Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Lifestyle. There is a large UCI cinema, jungle gym for children and a selection of fast food restaurants and cafés.


Louise Kennedy                 Philip Treacy

Daphne Guinness              Simone Rocha

Paul Costelloe                    Don O’neill


Current Dublin style is aesthetically moving outside the box. Sure, you can still find your favourite name brands on the city’s main fairways, but it is in the side streets, back alleys and unlikely spaces that Dublin fashion really thrives.