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10 Style Lessons we’ve learned from Jeanne Damas

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10 Style Lessons we’ve learned from Jeanne Damas



If you have heard of Jeanne Damas, you probably know by now that she is the ultimate French style icon. And there is no wonder why she has built such a fashion empire: She is the founder of Rouje, a fashion brand that is deeply connected to her personal style, rooted in her undying love for vintage and timeless details that have defined the essence of french fashion.


Jeanne Damas is one of our favorite French girls when it comes to style, and here are some style lessons that we can all learn from Jeanne Damas:

1. Less is More




When it comes to make-up, one of the most important lessons we can learn from Jeanne Damas is simplicity. The point is to naturally emphasize your face’s natural lines and shapes with a proper skincare routine, mascara, a bit of color on the cheeks and eyelids, and the classic French red lipstick signature.


  1. Oversized blazers are your best friends, not your enemies.

Damas’ style has shown us that boyfriend blazers are the best go to’s and the heroes of the day when it comes to having to dress up either for a casual hangout or for work and special occasions.

  1. Dressing up with color palettes is fun and chic

If there is an important lesson we should all take from Jeanne is how fearless her style is: She is not afraid of playing with different color palettes while using more than 3 colors in her outfits as long as they are visually harmonic.



  1. Always have a few pairs of  flare jeans in your wardrobe

Damas’ fashion style is the life proof that it is absolutely possible to rock a pair of 70’s flare jeans while looking absolutely in-style and modern.

  1. Belt bags are having a huge comeback

This vintage accessory is having a huge moment due to its simplicity, portability and how it adds an amazing contrast to any type of outfit you dare to wear today.  

  1. Rattan bags are sacred and a timeless summer accessory

Rattan handbags are iconic when it comes to Spring/Summer French accessorizing. Jeanne knows how to wear them as well as she made them fashionable again. These timeless pieces will never age or be out of style.




  1. Do not fear dressing up in nude tones

While many girls fear to go all the way when it comes to wearing nude tones, Jeanne’s outfits show us that going nude makes a statement of being classy and comfortable in your own skin.



Jeanne Damas


  1. It is okay to show your style with a statement piece

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wearing a statement piece is a must. Whether it comes in bright colors, unique patterns and textures or metallic tones, a statement piece will show your playful and friendly personality to the people around you.



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